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My Kidney Kit

“My Life, My Choices: Knowledge is Power” My Kidney Kit is designed to help patients, like you, take control of their lives and their choices. Knowledge gives you power—the power to make informed choices about how you want to live your life so that kidney disease does not keep you from doing the things you enjoy. Whether you are just starting dialysis or you have been getting dialysis for years, this kit is meant for you. The “My Pages” are meant to be a starting place for you and your care team to talk about your life with kidney disease.

To view the MY KIDNEY KIT online or to download and print pages in English and Spanish, go to

My Clinic Plan

My Clinic Plan provides ideas for utilizing the Network resources in your clinic’s patient engagement plan.

My Kidney Kit Crossword Puzzles

The crossword puzzles are a fun activity to engage patients in reviewing each section of the My Kidney Kit.