The 2020 Patient Engagement Calendar Topic of the Month for March is “My Plan: My Wishes” creating a great opportunity to focus on one of the CMS Big Three Patient Engagement Goals- Increasing patient participation in the plan of care (POC). We know that when patients and their families are engaged in the development of their plan of care it can make a positive impact on their treatment outcomes and quality of life.

Upon review of the facility self-reported data provided thus far, the majority of POC being conducted by facilities (46 percent) are completed by reviewing their POC with patients after the meeting is held; 44 percent are conducting the Plan of Care Meetings on the treatment floor and only 10 percent were conducted “off the treatment floor” or virtually. Reviewing the POC after a meeting does not provide the same level of engagement in the process as being directly involved. Patient Subject Matter experts have shared that Having POC meetings off the treatment floor (virtually or by phone) offers privacy that can help create an environment where the patients and family members feel more comfortable asking questions and sharing their goals. 

The Network has developed several resources to help improve the POC process and patient engagement. The resources have been included in the Topic of the Month sheet which was reviewed during the February Network Patient Representative (NPR) Connection Calls and Connection e-newsletter.

Intervention: Review the Topic of the Month sheet and resources included with your team and NPR. Identify at least one resource and initiate its use to increase patient engagement in their plan of care.

Suggested Resource Tools: