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Monthly CROWNWeb Personnel Report Processing

Staff turnover is a common problem we all share in the dialysis world. Communicating with you effectively will help increase the results of our various shared quality improvement initiatives. As you know, maintaining patient data in the ESRD system (currently Crownweb) is mandated in the Dialysis Conditions for Coverage your organization agreed to when you were first certified by Medicare. That responsibility also extends to maintaining an accurate list of key personnel in Crownweb. All of the Network’s contact data is derived from the names and email addresses you maintain in Crownweb.


Improve timely communications between key facility staff and the Network.

Process:  Review – Correct – Attest

We are using ESRD.Providers.Exchange to house most of our QIAs (Quality Improvement Activities) in an effort to reduce the email burden on you, and to also be able to provide reports that have patient names and not just a Crown UPI#. Patient names on these reports will make it quicker and easier for you to respond. ESRD.Providers.Exchange can securely house that PHI/PII in ways that email cannot.

But, we still need to be able to communicate via email with key staff members such as facility administrators, clinic managers, nurse managers, medical directors, etc.

Starting now, we are posting the “Current Crownweb Personnel” report in P.E. (Providers.Exchange) the first of every month. This report shows all personnel who are marked as “Active” for your clinic.

We are asking you to Review it for accuracy and Correct any changes to your personnel in Crownweb by the 15th of the month. We are also asking you to complete a quick online survey form Attesting you have completed the monthly review. Completing the form takes less than a minute.

If you don’t complete the review attestation, then we will assume that you did not review the Crownweb Personnel report and will reach out to you that month.

The first month may see a lot of changes required on your part, but succeeding months will take very little of your time to Review, Correct, and Attest completion.

The Crownweb Personnel report states who the key staff members are, has links to training on how to update personnel in Crownweb, and has the link to the attestation form.


Your username is the facility’s six digit Medicare Certification Number (CCN). The account is tied to just one staff member email address.

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