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Patient Engagement Showcase

The Patient Engagement Showcase has been developed from facilities throughout the Network submitting the ways they are engaging patients in their own care. It is a compilation of photos, activity descriptions and results of patient engagement activities reported by facilities in the Network to share the great work being done with in their clinics to improve the patient experience.

Patient Engagement Reporting

Take a photo of your activity and report your facility’s patient engagement activities.  If you are in a Network QIA use the link on your Project-At-A-Glance and use the following link if you are not reporting for a QIA.

The showcase is presented in the same categories as the MY KIDNEY KIT sections. Check out each section to get ideas on how to engage your patients more in their own healthcare.

My Life

Covers actions patients can take to improve their quality of life

My Choices

Reviews different treatment choices available

My Treatment

Provides advice on ways patients can improve their treatment results

My Plan

Offers guidance on decisions and preparations patient’s need to make for their future

My Network

Consists of information about Network 12 and what it does for patients and clinics

Fluid Challenge

This special edition fluid challenge showcase shares how facilities helped educate patients on fluid management.