Patient Experience of Care

Monthly Resource Highlights

Based upon patient and facility staff feedback, the Network developed these resources to provide guidance to facility staff to get started and continue to work with your NPR to successfully improve the patient experience of care at your facility.

Managing Disruptive Behavior by Patients and Physicians: A Responsibility of the Dialysis Facility Medical Director, published by the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, addresses the challenges and opportunities available that require collaborative efforts to uncover root causes, as well as the effectiveness of leadership at the facility level. In the article, the authors provide a DPC-Pathway to Resolution that is a helpful tool for facility staff to use when looking at the next steps when disruptive behavior exhibited by patients and/or facility staff. We encourage you to download the article and the pathway resource and discuss it with your Medical Director and leadership team.

Patient Experience of Care Learning and Action Network webinars

Recording and FREE CEU’s for the May 22nd Partnering Together: Benefits of Patient Representatives’ webinar are now available. This webinar highlighted the benefits of having a patient representative working with you to provide the patient perspective in facility activities including QAPI and providing peer support to improve the patient experience. Hear from a clinic manager and a patient representative who share how they have partnered together at their clinic to achieve great results!

New hand hygiene and competency-based training courses developed by national infection prevention experts led by @HRETtweets for @CDCgov available now.