• In 2020, increasing home therapy and kidney transplantation is a national focus and therefore a Network-wide focus for all facilities. Take a look at this for valuable resource you can use at your clinic.
  • Do you regularly educate your ESRD patients on Vocational Rehabilitation, Ticket to Work or Employment Networks?
    ESRD Network 12 is working with Easter Seals, a national Employment Network provider to help share knowledge and available services. Although the resources here are from Nebraska, they provide assistance in all states and are just a phone call away. Click here (Ticket to Work handout) to see information about Ticket to Work and here (Easter Seals overview handout) for information about what Easter Seals can do for you.
  • Are You Aware of the Dangers of Stress? Stress awareness is important for staff retention and facility culture peacefulness. Read and share this resource with your staff that includes skills on reducing and dealing with stress.  
  • For National Kidney Month, Medical Education Institute (MEI) has released a new video to help people understand how fluids move in our bodies—and how important it is for water to be removed gently during dialysis.