Patient and Family Engagement

The Network would like each facility to work with their Network Patient Representatives (NPRs) toward the CMS Big Three Patient Engagement Goals. There are several resources that have been developed to help you in working with your NPR effectively and/or to identify an individual (current or former patient/caregiver) to serve as your NPR.

Identify a NPR with your clinic team or meet with your current NPR to talk about the Network projects and discuss how the patient would like to be involved. Do you already have a Network Patient Representative (NPR)?

Here are some tools you can use to engage your NPR:
Getting Started With Your NPRKeeping Your NPR Engaged

If you do not have a NPR, please identify a NPR with your clinic. The following tools can be useful:

Patient-Centered Approach

Shared Decision Making is a key component in patient-centered engagement and care. As providers, it is our responsibility to ensure we work with our patients to make decisions, evaluate medical needs, and develop care plans that balance optimal patient outcomes with patient specific values & priorities.  

Intervention: Use the Stages of Change resources to support the care team with identifying each patient on the stages of change steps. Partner with each patient using the patient Stages of Change resource and talk through their current step and their goals.  

Resource Tool: Stages of Change – Staff Resource provides more in-depth detail about each step. The Stages of Change – Patient Resource provides patient specific examples as you review during your conversation. Use the Set Goals to Thrive Worksheet to write down goals.