Patient and Family Engagement (PFE)

Per CMS Guidance, due to COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis all patient engagement and advocacy activities such as peer mentoring, attending support groups and participating in QAPI and Plan of Care meetings, should be done so virtually, over the telephone, online or thru another distant, non-person to person format to limit patient exposure risk. Bulletin boards remain a great option to provide information & engage patients in learning more about their care and their care options.

Patient Engagement Fluid Challenge!

The ESRD Network 12 Patient Advisory Council (PAC) would like to challenge all dialysis clinics in the Network to do a patient engagement activity to help patients learn more about fluid management during the summer & cope with fluid management. Let your creativity flow and engage patients in a fun activity to motivate and encourage patients as they manage the heat and thirst!The Network has several resources available to help you.

Complete your activity this summer and submit a Patient Engagement Activity report to the Network with your results. Share what you did for the activity, what your goals were and how you met them. Include a photo of the activity and submit your report by Sept. 15, 2020. Submissions will be reviewed by the PAC and a clinic winner will be selected! There will be a prize awarded to the clinic selected and all will be acknowledged for your participation in the Heartland Happenings e-newsletter. This topic is so important to the overall quality of life of our patients so we hope that you will take on this challenge with your Network Patient Representative.

Patient Engagement Activity Report Link