1. Helping Your Patients Get Back to Work Newsletter – This newsletter was developed for dialysis providers to help their patients return to work. Inside there are a variety of videos, handouts, and patient stories that discuss the Voc Rehab program & working on dialysis.
  • Promoting Modality Options – Resources for Kidney Transplant & Home DialysisClick here for resources you can use to educate both staff and patients on kidney transplant and home dialysis. New resources include Home Is Where the Heart Is- Bulletin Board Kit and Transplant Status Change Form.
  • Update Status of “Referred” Patients or “Currently in VR” – Does your facility have patients listed as “Referred to VR” who may actually now be USING the services of a vocational rehabilitation or employment network provider?  If so, this is a perfect opportunity to make a small update in CROWNWeb to give your unit credit for helping make that progression happen.  The definition of “using” these services is varied … but every acknowledgement that can be attributed should be considered.  For example: Did the patient talk to someone at an employment network or VR office? Was there an online evaluation made with the patient? Was education or training made available?  (Any action beyond the referral counts as “Currently in VR” and CROWNWeb can be updated to reflect that progress was made for the patient.)  Review and use the resource “How to Check Your Patient Roster – Employment, School and Vocational Rehabilitation Statuses to update the status in CROWNWeb from “Referred to VR” to “Currently in VR”.