My Kidney Calendar | Topic of the Month “Fluid Matters”

Each month the Network shares ideas based upon the “topic of the month” in conjunction with the 2018 My Kidney Calendar. July’s monthly topic in the My Kidney Calendar is “My Treatment: Fluid Matters”. Last month we shared some resources and ideas for patient engagement related to this topic so you could plan ahead. If you didn’t get a chance to review them or want to see the other topics addressed so far this year, please click on the “Topic of the Month” link. You can also check out the Patient Engagement Showcase to see the creative ideas shared by “My Treatment” section.

To prepare for August, check out the latest topic sheet on “My Life: Prevention Saves Lives” with information on vaccinations, infection and disease prevention.

The Network recognizes that facilities are always working hard to develop and implement creative and engaging activities for their patients, through bulletin boards, games and lobby days to name a few. Please share the great work you are doing through the reporting link offered with the topic sheet.

We encourage you to review the monthly “Topic of the Month” sheet with your Network Patient Representative and brainstorm ideas on how to best address the topic in your facility.