Social Distancing Challenge

If you were wondering how to continue your patient engagement activities in light of the new guidelines with COVID-19 – Pella Dialysis is finding a way! Kyra Smith, MSW shared that they started a Social Distancing Challenge for the month of April, helping patients focus on the things patients (and staff) can still do.
They set goals and gave out calendars for patients to track their progress, encouraging patients to send/write letters; go outside; read; make phone calls; and start/re-start a hobby. If 60% of the patients reach the goals then the Facility Administrator, Leisha Huyser, RN will spend a day in footie pajamas and pigtails! We can’t wait to see the picture – stay tuned.

Thanks so much to Pella Dialysis for sharing this great idea with the Network and for all you do to support your patients. 

If you have something you’d like to share about what’s happening at your dialysis clinic, please reach out by email or your clinic can send in a report.