As the kidney community continues to navigate the changes and impact of COVID-19, the team at ESRD Network 12 will continue to provide up-to-date communication to all providers. The Network team understands that your facility may be greatly impacted by changes. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at

What’s New with Quality Improvement Activities?

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has modified the ESRD Network Statement of Work. Please see below for a few changes that may impact your facility as our Network staff works to meet all contract requirements:

1. All facilities in the Network Service Area will receive education on infection control and prevention including tools and tips for both staff and patients.

2. All facilities will continue to receive education on modality choice for patient and staff education. As before, you will continue to receive this email blast with tools and interventions to implement at your facility.

3. The Network will continue to share reliable and trusted sources of information for COVID-19. If your facility has any needs and/or barriers related to COVID-19 please continue to use the Network as a resource. The Network can help with patient concerns including tools and resources for patient behavior, difficulties with transportation, or mental health resources for both staff and patients. 

4. Submission of required monthly surveys has been paused. While facilities are not required to complete a survey every month for quality improvement activity participation, you may receive a request for the completion of ad hoc environmental scans as necessary.

5. Direct patient engagement efforts have been paused. We encourage you to find virtual ways to engage your patients. Many facilities have demonstrated success with virtual engagement through facility newsletters, inviting patients to their plan of care meetings via telehealth, and many continue to find great success in bulletin boards.

If your facility previously requested to be removed from QIA participation through the Network 12 process, please note that temporary removal has now been lifted. If you have any concerns please reach out to us via email at