QIA Requirement #1

Catheter Countdown Poster

Use the Catheter Countdown poster adapted by Qsource ESRD Networks. Fill in the monthly count of Central Venous Catheters (# of present and removed) as it applies to your clinic. Then display it for patient and/or staff viewing to promote long-term catheter awareness and to track the monthly progress of your hard work in a transparent way. We will ask for feedback about the application on your Monthly Feedback Report.

QIA Requirement #2

Understand and Brainstorm for your Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycle

In February facilities were asked to brainstorm prior to documenting the PLAN & Do sections of the PDSA cycle, Next you will complete the Study Section of your PDSA cycle in relation to this QIA.

For the Study section, we are asking you to report the outcome of your Plan and Do sections and if your results have thus far agreed with your predictions. If you have data points to look at, think about what that data is telling you. Should you change something in your Plan or does your data support your changes? What were your barriers? Have you been (or will you be) able to overcome them?

The PDSA Cycle 101:  this is a brief 3 minute video that gives an overview on how to effectively complete the PDSA Process.

Think of the parts of this worksheet as “Brainstorming.” You can continue what you have been doing and use the PDSA to reflect it, or you might find that you want to change your plan if something you’ve been doing isn’t working as well as you thought it would. It’s a simple tool that can assist you with process changes that you will be able to sustain in the long run. The tool can help you with other projects in your clinic as well. It is intended to help you map out your plan for improvement and track your success and needed changes.

QIA Resource


In case you missed the March 3rd BSI QIA LAN presentation, please visit the ESRD NCC’s webpage to access the recorded presentation and (if applicable) complete the post-presentation survey for Continuing Education Credit.

PLEASE NOTE: All QIA LAN recordings and continuing education credit opportunities are not available until 10 business days after each call.