Clinical Staff Infection Prevention Resource

Front-line healthcare personnel in the United States should be prepared to evaluate patients for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Please review and share the two attached resources entitled, Healthcare Professional Preparedness Checklist and Use of PPE When Caring for Patients with Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19. These CDC-developed resources highlight key steps for healthcare personnel in preparation for the arrival of patients with confirmed or possible COVID-19.

  1. Checklist: Dialysis Station Routine Disinfection
  2. Environmental Surface Disinfection in Dialysis Facilities: Notes for Clinical Managers

Patient (+staff) Infection Prevention Resource Many of your patients (and staff) have begun to utilize non-sterile face-coverings to protect themselves when leaving home is required. In an effort to support this method and educate the public on safe practices to prevent the spread of germs, please print and share the attached resource highlighting How to Safely Wear and Take Off a Cloth Face Covering.