Reducing LTC Rates Requirement #1

Understand and Brainstorm for your Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle

View this brief 3-minute YouTube video from BMJ Quality presenting a brief, but comprehensive overview how to effectively complete the Plan-Do-Study-Act process.

Reducing LTC Rates Requirement #2

Huddle Education Topic of the Month – Clinical Update on an  Alternative Vascular Access: For the Catheter-Dependent Hemodialysis

Last month (within the kickoff webinar and kickoff package) we encouraged facilities to utilize the Huddle Helper Checklist to initiate brief “huddles” amongst the direct patient care staff. This month’s suggested Huddle Education Topic is based on the results of our reducing long-term catheters (LTC) Environmental Scan which indicated the #2 primary cause of high LTC rates to be Exhausted Access locations. To ensure that all patients are educated on permanent access options, please reference the developed resource by the National Kidney Foundation based on the current KDOQI Guidelines titled Clinical Update on an  Alternative Vascular Access: For the Catheter-Dependent Hemodialysis. During your huddle, pay close attention to the questions along the right side; specifically discuss the question(s) and information that are unfamiliar to your fellow staff. We will ask about your utilization of this resource on a future Feedback Reporting Form.