Due to COVID-19, the Network changed the 2020 Patient Engagement Calendar. The Topic of the Month for July was changed to “My Choices: Home Options.”  ESRD Network 12 continues to lead the country in the number of patients that do home dialysis. We want to continue sharing the benefits of home dialysis and make sure all kidney patients know about all their options including home hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. 
With new COVID-19 guidelines, home patients have shared that being at home has allowed them to remain safely at home and use telehealth for their clinic visits to limit their exposure to others. We encourage all facilities to review the Topic of the Month sheet and use at least one resource to provide information and engage your patients on the topic of home dialysis.

In preparation for August, we encourage you to review the My Life: Work & Play” topic of the month sheet. If you have a Network Patient Representative (NPR), we encourage you to review the monthly Topic of the Month sheet with them and brainstorm ideas on how to best address the topic in your facility. If you don’t have a Network Patient Representative, please review the following Heartland Huddle sheets with your team to learn more about the program and identify a patient or family member to take on this role.