July Topic of the Month Patient Engagement Resource sheet– “My Choices: Home Options” 

Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the Network has changed the Patient Engagement Calendar to help address current needs. The Topic of the Month for June was changed to “My Life: Coping and Depression.” The Network has compiled resources to assist facilities in providing information to patients to help them in dealing with depression and strategies for living well with dialysis and COVID-19 specific resources. This month, we encourage you to review the My Life: Coping and Depression” topic of the month sheet to identify resources to share with your patients about coping strategies, including dealing with COVID-19 to engage patients at your facility.  

In preparation for July, we encourage you to review the My Choices: Home Options” topic of the month sheet. If you have a Network Patient Representative (NPR), we encourage you to review the monthly “Topic of the Month” sheet with them and brainstorm ideas on how to best address the topic in your facility.