Improving Patient Experience and Satisfaction

The Network is happy to share two new Heartland Huddle sheets on Relationship Centered Care (RCC). During a recent Patient Experience of Care LAN, RCC was discussed during a webinar. If you didn’t have a chance to attend, we encourage you to review this wonderful presentation and consider reviewing our new huddle sheets, Relationship Centered-Care Overview and Using A.R.T. for Relationship-Centered Communication with your team. The anticipated outcomes of RCC include:

  • increased patient engagement in their care;
  • patients feel honored, respected and satisfied with care;
  • patients have lower anxiety and a higher degree of trust in providers;
  • there is greater agreement on treatment plans and increased adherence to treatment;
  • patients have a better understanding of their illness and informed decision making;
  • added depth in patient/provider interactions;
  • provider becomes support for patient and patient becomes source of professional gratification; and
  • decreased provider burn-out.

Justine Carlson, MSW, LMSW, from Westfall Dialysis in St. Louis, got a sneak peak of these new huddle sheets and shared that she planned to “Organize team huddles and implement this resource into team huddles. This will allow staff to talk and ask questions and build a better understanding on the importance of healthy relationships with patients.”

She shared that she thought this topic is good for new staff to be trained on and would be a good reminder for seasoned staff. Thanks Justine!