Facility specific reports are now available in Providers.Exchange. As of August 29th all facilities can see the latest monthly Long Term Catheter (LTC) Facility Summary Report. Those facilities participating in the Depression QIA will see the Depression Feedback Report for August ONLY if they did not meet goal for the month OR reported no data for the month.

Right now everyone sees all the QIA Data Submission Forms and this has caused some confusion. We will be adding an enhancement to P.E. so that you will only see Data Submission Forms for QIAs you currently participate in.

For now, if you don’t participate in a QIA, you won’t see your facility listed in the dropdown list of facilities inside any of the QIA Data Submission Forms. Those units who are participating have been doing so since December 2017, and know who they are.

If you have comments on how P.E. works or suggestions on making it better then please fill out the User Feedback Form on the home page in Providers.Exchange.