BSI Root Cause Analysis

The Network-created Bloodstream Infection Root Cause Analysis is a one-page tool used to determine the potential source of infection and/or breaks in patient care procedures specific to the presence of a central venous catheter or vascular access. Please print, share, and utilize this tool on an as needed basis in commitment to building a culture of continuous quality improvement at your clinic.

5 Diamond Safety Program

A COVID-19 module has been added to the 5 Diamond Patient Safety Program website and is available for any dialysis provider to access.  The module was developed in partnership with American Society of Nephrology.

Objectives for the module include:

  1. Discuss the coronavirus (COVID-19), including what it is and how it spreads.
  2. Identify symptoms of COVID-19.
  3. Describe the important steps a facility must take in assessment and triage of its patients.
  4. Explain “source control.”
  5. Understand actions a facility should take to prepare for COVID-19 within its patient population.

Facilities can access this module and earn a Diamond by:

  1. Selecting the COVID-19 Module on the 5 Diamond Homepage  
  2. Login or register
  3. Download materials for facility staff
  4. Complete module activities
  5. Submit reporting form
  6. Print 5 Diamond certificate