Patients were recently greeted at Chromalloy American Kidney Center (CAKC) to what Brenda Bingel, RN, MSN, calls “Lobby Days,” an event organized to bring more attention to the occurrence of depression in dialysis patients. Brenda, Nurse Administrator at CAKC, Kelly Lazarus, LMSW, and Jackie Holschen, LCSW, decorated the waiting room lobby with posters detailing common symptoms of depression experienced by dialysis patients, how it impacts their lives and what they can do to treat it.  Kidney-friendly snacks and refreshments were served and gifts were handed out.

The Lobby Days were held over two days so both dialysis rotations could take part in the event. “The bulletin board posters were a hit!” says Bingel.  “The patients loved the snacks and most of the reading material was handed out.”  See pictures of the posters on the Washington University School of Medicine-Division of Nephrology’s Facebook page.

Great work Brenda, Kelly and Jackie for providing a great opportunity for patients to get information and hope for coping with depression!