Although all patients have the right to file a grievance without fear of reprisal or denial of services, some patients may still not feel comfortable. One of the requirements for an internal grievance process is that patients are provided with an option to file a grievance anonymously. In January, the ESRD NCC hosted the first session of the Patient Experience of Care (PEOC) Learning and Action Network (LAN) on behalf of CMS in which the speaker addressed best practices to address anonymous grievances. We encourage facility staff to watch the recording to get some great ideas and 1.0 CEU. What can you do to improve the patient experience at your clinic?

After participating in the first PEOC LAN session this year several best practices were identified by the Network and facilities participating in the PEOC LAN. These strategies included:

  • Patient education in the lobby
  • There are some examples available in the Patient Engagement Showcase– My Network section
  • The Patient Engagement Showcase has some examples of this as well. Several facilities have shared that they go through this with their NPR and that they either post or keep a binder/notebook near the suggestion box to give feedback/responses to the concerns or ideas shared.
  • Host a Lobby Day to educate patients on the grievance process and provide opportunities to share their concerns
  • Offering a suggestion box in lobby and providing the responses to anonymous grievances in a notebook or posting
  • Implementing a Monthly “Meet and Chat”
  • Dietitian approved lunch/snacks patients attend and staff find out any concerns they need to address
  • 10-12 patients at a time, with a few topics to focus on (ex. how we welcome new patients and how we provide education to patients) rotate patients including a few from the first group.
  • Patients selected that might have a positive contribution to benefit the center
  • Having an outside social worker come in to the clinic to survey patients about concerns quarterly

View the Recording | Anonymous Grievances: How to Improve the Process for All

One Continuing Education Credit Opportunity: Click here if you are already registered in the Learning Management Center (LMC). Click here to register for the LMC and then access the course.

Presentation Objectives:

  • Outline the structure of a robust anonymous grievance process.
  • Review promising practices for implementation of an anonymous grievance process.
  • Identify ways to reduce the patients’ fear of retaliation