Patient and Family Engagement (PFE) Update

  • PFE April Update

    As per CMS Guidance, due to COVID-19 and in following the social distancing recommendations, the Network advises facilities to use alternative means such as phone or online conferencing services to encourage patients to be involved in their Plan of Care and/or attend QAPI Team meetings. Attending support groups would not be recommended at that time […]Read More »
  • PFE March Update

    The 2020 Patient Engagement Calendar Topic of the Month for March is “My Plan: My Wishes” creating a great opportunity to focus on one of the CMS Big Three Patient Engagement Goals- Increasing patient participation in the plan of care (POC). We know that when patients and their families are engaged in the development of […]Read More »
  • PFE January/February Update

    Patient and Family Engagement The Network would like each facility to work with their Network Patient Representatives (NPRs) toward the CMS Big Three Patient Engagement Goals. There are several resources that have been developed to help you in working with your NPR effectively and/or to identify an individual (current or former patient/caregiver) to serve as […]Read More »