Patient Engagement Resource Highlights

JUNE Topic of the Month | “My Choices: Home Dialysis”

Patient Engagement Calendar monthly topic for June: My Choices: Home Dialysis

June Patient Engagement Action: Find out if home modality is a good option for you.

This month, “Be Active in your Care” patient engagement calendar topic is “My Choices: Home Dialysis” focusing on encouraging patients to find out more about their options for home dialysis. Use the “My Choices: Home Dialysis” Topic of the Month sheet to see some great resources and get ideas to engage your patients in this topic. You can also check out the My Choices section of the Patient Engagement Showcase to see lobby day and bulletin board ideas shared by dialysis facility staff from throughout the Network. You can find all these patient engagement resources HERE.

July | Topic of the Month Patient Engagement Planning Sheet — “My Treatment: Fluid Matters”

As part of the Network’s efforts to support facility level patient engagement, each month we provide a “Topic of the Month” sheet for the upcoming monthly topic in the 2019 “Be Active in Your Care” Patient Engagement Calendar. We encourage you to review the resources and activities on the topic My Treatment: Fluid Matters Topic of the Month topic sheet.” The sheet has Network and ESRD community resources and activity ideas to help patients manage their fluids during the hot summer months and beyond. We encourage you to work with your Network Patient Representative (NPR) to discuss what information and activities they think would be most helpful to the patients at your facility on this timely summer topic.

Patient Engagement in ACTION!

A special shout out and a huge thank you to Doug Carrell and Erin Kontogiannis, CMSW! Doug is on the Network Patient Advisory Council and has been the Network Patient Representative at DaVita Scottsbluff since last year. Doug and Erin presented on a CMS National Patient Experience of Care (PEOC) LAN on May 22 with DeeDee Velasquez-Peralta, Patient Services Manager at ESRD Network 12. They shared how they have effectively partnered together to make the NPR program successful at their facility. They are wonderful examples of how patient engagement can improve patient care for all!

Check out the PEOC LAN webinar by visiting the ESRD NCC Webpage. They also offer FREE CEU’s for the event.

Is there a patient engagement activity you would like to share with our Network community? We would love to share your best practices. If you have a picture or project you’d like to share that is not part of a Network QIA report your Patient Engagement Activity HERE.